Don’t Get Caught Being “Unsafe” for Google’s Next Major Update

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Coming October 2017 - Google’s massive new algorithm change that could banish your website from the first page in the blink of an eye

Google is about to implement a massive, and drastic change to their algorithm. And it could be very bad for your website/business… if you don’t act quickly. If you aren’t ready for this new update, this new change could:

  • Post banners warning internet searchers to stay away from your site - Bringing your web traffic and income to a screeching halt.
  • Expose your website and your customer’s information to foreign governments and malicious hackers.
  • Knock your website off the first page of google, all but eliminating the investment of time and money into your SEO efforts.

What is this new change and why is it so important?

In an effort to create a more secure web, Google is announcing a new security update in October 2017 that will require ALL websites to use something called an SSL certificate to protect their sites… Not only for the good of the everyday internet searcher, but for all parties. When this change takes place, all sites that do not carry an SSL certificate will be penalized – and there are no exceptions.


Current website URL display without an SSL


Future website URL display without an SSL

Current website without an SSL

Website without an SSL in October

Current form without an SSL

Website form without an SSL in October

But don’t worry.
We can ensure your website is secured and protected in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Company information


Step 2: Choose how you want your SSL displayed

Standard Shark Bite Secure EV Certification
Your Custom EV Certification ($350)

Step 3: Company information & verification

Help us verify your information. In order to ensure proper set up, please fill out the information below so that we can secure your SSL Certificate.

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